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Holmfirth, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Oldham and Rochdale
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Victorian Quarry Tile Restoration

Victorian Quarry Tile Restoration

Based in Holmfirth West Yorkshire we cover Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Pontefract and Oldham.

Renew carries out specialist cleaning, repair work and sealing of old Victorian quarry tiles. Quarry tiled floors can suffer from surface spalling, cracked tiles and loose and/or missing sections. The picture of the floor to the right was carried out by us this year, it involved removing other modern tiles which covered the old Victorian floor and then a big clean up operation. We also had to replace missing and damaged tiles to bring the floor back into operation as the room is a functioning kitchen.

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The typical red and black quarry tiled floor of the Victorian era is a more simple design to the Minton style geometric floors common in hallways. With the right care and attention we can correct faults found to these floors which are often the red tile looking pale and washed out. The borders are not so much of a problem as they are usually a plain back tile, often its the badly placed central heating pipe in the border creating a slight annoyance.

Apart from the classic red and black chequerboard design we see the herringbone pattern quite regularly and sometimes an octagonal design with designs imprinted into the surface of the tile, not with a clay slip like an encaustic tile, rather just an indentation.


Victorian Quarry tiled floors are of a similar construction to geometric floors being of a monolithic fixing method so the cleaning and restorative processes are effectively the same. The problems faced by the restorer are also similar - general dullness, broken tiles, missing sections and cracked or missing tiles.

The cleaning process is carried out using alkaline solutions (where required) and by using various floor pads which only require water as lubrication. Our pad system will create a natural shine on the floor without the need for topical seals. Topical seals are non breathable and as such are not very good for the lime substrates which need to breathe. The other issue with topical seals is that they wear off quickly and have to be applied.

Lack of colour in the floor is due to wear, a floor that once had a sheen often is very dull after 100 years of wear. There are products which work better than others and over the years we have worked our way through them all – we only use sealants that bring out the best in the floor without leaving issues for future generations.

Tile matching - we have links to specialist geometric & tile suppliers so we can often find replacements for those missing or damaged.

Don't give up on your floor, give us a call - we offer free advice. If you would like to send some photos please do so as a picture speaks a thousand words!

Typical works we carry out on these types of floor are;

  • Specialist tile cleaning revealing the true colour of your floor.
  • Restoring old Victorian quarry tiled floors by removing old wax, bitumen and paint.
  • Sealing using sub surface or topical sealants dependant on suitability.
  • Repairs we will repair and replace missing or damaged sections.

For further information and a no obligation chat please phone 01484 686270 or alternatively email an enquiry